Ari Pregen Education

Ari Pregen graduated from Nova University School, which is a small private college prep located in Davie, Florida.  During this time, Ari Pregen was a member of his school’s tennis team and was also a member of the Mu Alpha Beta math honor society. Ari Pregen recalls his physics teacher, Raphael Arechabaleta, as being his favorite. “He had a really interesting story. He was from Cuba and went abroad to Russia to learn chemistry and physics. While living in Cuba, Archabaleta came to Florida on a raft. He was both a teacher and a friend, and he enjoyed speaking Russian with my dad.”

Ari Pregen Boulder CO by aripregen

When it came time to decide where to attendcollege, Ari Pregen decided it was time for a change in his environment. He had some high school friends going to Boulder, Colorado. He fondly remembers getting to ski in the winter and biking and climbing in the summer. “It was a wonderland for a college kid.” During college, Pregen lived in an apartment with a high school friend and pursued a degree in Philosophy. When he neared graduation, Pregen wondered what he might after college. After weighing his options, ultimately, he decided to take the LSATS and enter law school. After graduation, he enrolled at St. Thomas University to study Law.

During law school, Ari Pregen worked as a clerk as a personal injury law firm and considered perhaps working as a labor attorney. After graduating from law school and passing the Bar Exam, Ari Pregen’s first job was at a foreclosure defense firm. A year after beginning that job, he wanted a change. His uncle was a criminal defense attorney, Ari Pregen decided to get a job at Miami Dade State Office.