Alumni Association to honor nine awardees Oct. 23

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Since 1930 the University of Colorado Boulder’s best have been recognized at a special awards ceremony dedicated to highlighting their outstanding accomplishments and extraordinary service.

This year the CU-Boulder Alumni Association will recognize nine of the university’s finest alumni, faculty, staff and students at the 85th Alumni Awards Ceremony during the university’s Back to Boulder Homecoming Weekend. The event, one of the longest-standing traditions at CU-Boulder, will take place at the historic Hotel Boulderado Thursday, Oct. 23.

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Glenn Miller Ballroom prepares to get back into the ‘Community Swing’

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Closed since May for renovations, the newly remodeled and significantly upgraded Glenn Miller Ballroom in the University Memorial Center (UMC) is scheduled to reopen on Jan. 27, 2015. Carlos García, Executive Director of the UMC, discusses what’s going on behind the construction tape, and what the upgrades mean for CU-Boulder.

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NASA’S MAVEN spacecraft watches passing comet and its effects at Mars

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NASA’s newest orbiter at Mars, MAVEN, took precautions to avoid harm from a dust-spewing comet that flew near Mars yesterday and is studying the flyby’s effects on the Red Planet’s atmosphere, according to University of Colorado Boulder Professor Bruce Jakosky, principal investigator on the mission.

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Homecoming: Celebrating 100 years

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Not everybody or everything makes it to 100, but the CU-Boulder Homecoming is about to reach that centennial mark. On Nov. 7, 1914, CU took on Utah to win 33-0 in the first Homecoming featuring an intercollegiate matchup. This year, from Oct. 22 to 25, CU-Boulder will host hundreds of guests at dozens of major events.

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Ari Pregen Miami Beaches

Ari Pregen Miami Beaches by aripregen

Ari Pregen Miami Nights

Ari Pregen Miami Nights by aripregen

Ari Pregen Boulder CO

Ari Pregen Boulder CO by aripregen

Ari Pregen Camp Ceder

Shooting in Miami, Suspect in Custody

A shooting recently occurred at a home located at Southwest 143rd Avenue and Southwst 96th Street in Southwest Miami-Dade County at around four o’clock in the morning.  Police with the Miami Police Department responded to several emergency calls from the neighborhood that declared shots had been fired at the location; the exchange had evidently been very loud and long, with many shots fired in the process.

The scene, upon the arrival of the authorities, suggested that the shooter had broken his way into the home via using a gun to break the glass of the back door, after attempting and failing to shoot his way through the front door.  An estimated one hundred shots were fired, using a shotgun and a rifle.  Specifically, the shooter brought his AK-74 to the scene; in addition, a Glock handgun owned by one of the victims was used.

        According to an article recently completed by NBC 5, South Florida, the victims were a mother and son pair—Gale and Anthony Sikora.  The mother was sixty-two years old and the sun was twenty-four.  The shooter was identified as twenty-one year old Ronnie Candelaria, who has been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of armed robbery.

Reports from witnesses indicate that Candelaria did, in fact, know Anthony Sikora; beyond this, several acquaintances have seem to pinpoint a specific argument the two shared recently as a possible source for the violent attack..  However, whatever the details regarding this conflict may be, it has been implied this is not the only cause; psychological issues are suspected as well, as Candelaria has acknowledged to police officials that a voice came to him, telling him to murder the mother and son pair.


UC Boulder Astronaut Goes to ISS

University of Colorado Boulder alumnus and NASA astronaut Steve Swanson is traveling to the International Space Station on March 25th, and this trip marks his third mission ISS.

He is traveling in a capsule that is attached to a Soyuz TMA-12 rocket launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Not only will he blast off from there, he is slated to land in the capsule, which is somewhat similar to a NASA Apollo capsule, in Kazakhstan in September after spending about six months in space.

Swanson, who earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from CU-Boulder in 1983, will be the flight engineer for Expedition 39, which will be already underway on the ISS when he arrives. In late May, Swanson, who considers Steamboat Springs, Colo., his hometown, will become space station commander as Expedition 40 begins.

Swanson will be launched to the ISS along with cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev of the Russian Federal Space Agency.

“We’ve trained extensively and I’m confident I can do all of the tasks assigned to me on the space station,” Swanson said. “The difficult part is being away from my family and friends for a long period. I’ll miss them, but at the same time we will be very busy up there, which makes the time pass quickly.”

The astronaut crew will be involved in dozens of research experiments in the low gravity of the ISS, including efforts related to protein crystal growth, capillary blood flow, gravity sensing by plants and muscle and bone loss changes in space.


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